Track-in-a-Box / by Tim Barsky

SF Playhouse Sandbox Series / Circus FlimFlam

Direction, Scenic and Light by Jon Tracy

Using, beat-box, break dancing, contortion, circus, and spoken word, Circus FlimFlam has created Track in a Box, a song play set in a world where there are no right choices left. A world where the lines have blurred between the good and the bad, the soldier and the stripper, and night from the day. But even in such a broken place and just before all is lost, truth rises, justice emerges and love outshines everything.  



Tim Barsky / Narrator

Scott Coopwood / Cop

Davina / Ensemble

DC / Ensemble

Fleeky / Ensemble

Bree Rock / Ensemble

Erika Salazar / Ensemble


Creative Team

Janne Barklis / Stage Manager

Jon Tracy / Scenic, Light