The Salt Plays Pt. 2: Of the Earth /  by Jon Tracy

Shotgun Players / 2010

Direction by Jon Tracy

"engrossing and may want to see the play more than once"

-Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle


"a well-done, delightfully off-kilter and highly entertaining interpretation"

-Pat Craig, The San Jose Mercury News


"one helluva ride"

-George Heymont, myculturallandscape.blogspot



San Francisco Chronicle, Best of 2010


From American Theatre Magazine, September 2011



Daniel Bruno / Odysseus

Anna Ishida / Nurse 4

Charisse Loriaux / Nurse 2

Rami Margron / Nurse 5 

Lexie Papedo / Penelope

Daniel Petzold / Telemachus

Emily Rosenthal / Nurse 3 

Elena Wright / Nurse 1


Creative Team

Nina Ball / Set Designer

Daniel Bruno / Sound Conceptualizer

Anne Kendall / Property

Lucas Krech / Lighting Designer

Bridgette Loriaux / Movement Consultant

Dave Maier / Fight Director

Leah McKibbin / Stage Manager

Mario Rizzo / Assistant Stage Manager 

John Thomas / Assistant Director

Lloyd Vance / Videographer 

Brendan West / Composer 

Tina Yeaton / Costume Designer