The Salt Plays Pt. 1: In the Wound /  by Jon Tracy

Shotgun Players / 2010

Direction by Jon Tracy

"damned good theater"

- Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle


"Tracy's imagination is so rich -- and so clearly articulated -- that he manages to make Homer's epic understandable to a modern audience that, like the ancient Greeks, has grown tired of constantly being at war. Tracy's wry, sarcastic writing also contains some golden comic moments."

- George Heymont, The Huffington Post


"It’s a dazzlingly dynamic, highly stylized staging of a lyrical, tragic, funny, challenging, fragmented, and fresh take on the well-worn ground of the battlefields of Ilium."

- Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect



San Francisco Chronicle, best of 2010

The Idiolect, Best of 2010




Aleph Ayin / Achilles

Daniel Bruno / Odysseus

Dave Garrett / Menaleus

Alex Hersler / Hektor

Yannai Kashtan / Telemachus

Roy Landaverde / Patroclus

Charisse Loriaux / Nurse 2

Dave Maier* / Ajax

Lexie Papedo / Penelope

Harold Pierce / Paris

Nesbyth Rieman / Iphigenia

Emily Rosenthal / Nurse 3

John Thomas / Palamedes, Priam

Michael Torres / Agamemnon

Elena Wright / Nurse 1

Greek Chorus
Perry Aliado, Kristoffer Barrera, Gilberto Esqueda, Sean Glover,

Nicholas Guillory, Ben Haas, Andrew Humann, Choncey Nunn, Daniel Petzold, Tyler Smith

Trojan Chorus
Lucas Brandt, Justin Hernandez, Tommy Nguyen, Jamie Ramos, Jonathan Williams


Creative Team

Nina Ball / Set Designer

Christine Cook / Costume Designer

Katy Lawton / Property

Dave Maier / Fight Director

Leah McKibbin / Stage Manager 

Rebecca Pingree / Property

Jennifer Stukey / ASM

Brendan West / Composer