The People’s History of Next / by Everybody

TheatreFIRST / 2018

Direction by Jon Tracy

"The People’s History of Next is the best new play I have seen as the 2018 season." 

– Vince Media, V Media

"Director Jon Tracy asks apocalyptic questions: “What would happen if all the adults died of grief? What would the youth do with the future of the world?” Lyrical and engaging, in this extended epic poem, we see the end of the world through the eyes and hearts of three superb young actors."

– Maya Rath and Barry David Horwitz, Theatrius

“Tracy’s production is wonderfully atmospheric, often haunting and occasionally horrifying.”

– Sam Hurwitt, The Mercury News 


V Media, Best New Play of 2018


Awele / The Traveller

Justin Howard / Anton

Leela Kiyawat / Dee

Unity Tambellini-Smith / Tara

Creative Team

Awele / Facilitator

Nikki Anderson Joy / Costume

Kristoffer Barerra / Sound

Anthony Clarvoe / Facilitator

Ben Euphrat / Video

Jake Fong / Stage Manager

Marc Jensen / Light

Cleavon Smith / Facilitator

Brendan West / Video