See How We Are / by Jon Tracy

Impact Theatre / 2009

Direction, Light and Scenic by Jon Tracy

"His next piece, an updated version of Antigone called See How We Are, centered on a family of overprivileged layabouts who ruled over modern Thebes. Tracy used an all-white set and white costumes to represent their fascist regime. Each night the crew doused it in fake blood, then bleached everything out after the audience went home. Staged at Berkeley's Impact Theatre, it featured a bleached-white set to represent the flattening effect of a dynasty that had ruled Thebes for generations. The Bank family resembles many tabloid counterparts, both in terms of star power and dysfunction. (For starters, patriarch Edward Bank sired four children by fucking his mother.) The actors (Seth Thygeson and Sarah Mitchell among them) revel in petty jealousies that mirror — and exacerbate — an ongoing civil war in Thebes. It's a high-concept play, but the ideas all tie back to the source material."

- Rachel Swan, East Bay Express



Rob Dario / Jud

Jaqueline Haines / Hayden

Sarah Mitchell / Izzy

Kendra Oberhauser / Ari

Ryan Tasker / James

Seth Thygesen / Paul


Creative Team

Sarah Coykendall / Stage Manager

Virginia Thorne / Costume

Colin Trevor / Sound