Macbeth / by William Shakespeare

Shotgun Players / 20

Direction by Mark Jackson

Light by Jon Tracy

"Lighting by Jon Tracy is flawless and adds to the brilliance of the production."

- Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway

"Sarah Huddleston's sound and Jon Tracy's lights get a workout between thunder and lightning and thumping disco. The lights frequently go down with a thunk for Macbeth's reveries about his bloody rise to power, a spotlight tight on his face and the kind of throbbing hum that you hear inside of a spaceship in a sci-fi movie."

- Rachel Swan, East Bay Express


Zehra Berkman /  Witch, Lady Macduff, Gentlewoman

Cass Bogatin / Fleance, Boy

Daniel Bruno / Ross

Kevin Clarke / Bloody Sergeant,  Seyton

Reid Davis / Porter

Daniel Duque-Estrada / Banquo, Doctor

Blythe Foster / Lady Macbeth

Daniel Krueger / Lennox

Craig Marker / Macbeth

John Mercer / Duncan, Siward

Jarrod Quon / Donalbain, Young Siward

Peter Ruocco / Macduff

Ryan Tasker / Malcolm


Creative Team

Nina Ball / Scenic

Valera Coble / Costume

Jessica Holt / Assistant Director

Sara Huddleston / Sound

Phil Lowery /  Stage Manager

Dave Maier / Fight

Tunuviel Quezada /  Props Master, Bloodwork