Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol / by Tom Mula

Marin Theatre Company / 2013

Direction by Jon Tracy

"Jon Tracy’s fluid direction and choreographic staging keeps the cast in constant, hyper-kinetic motion."

- For All Events

"Under Jon Tracy’s imaginative direction, the actors conjure a spooky atmosphere with little more than hand-held flashlights."

-Jean Schiffman, The Examiner

"Marley works best as a platform for creative stagings and performance, in the service of a message of seasonal fellowship. Tracy's use of the raw scaffolding and hidden gifts of the set, and the energetic, sharply defined work of the actors fills the bill."

- Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle


Khris Lewin / Jacob

Rami Margron / Bogle

Nicholas Pelczar / Scrooge

Stacy Ross / Record Keeper


Creative Team

Nina Ball  / Scenic

Kurt Landisman / Light

Heidi Leigh Barker / Costume

Chris Houston / Sound