Gidion's Knot / Johnna Adams

Aurora Theatre / 2013

Direction by Jon Tracy

“No matter how many parent-teacher conferences you've participated in, it's doubtful you've ever attended one as gripping, edgily funny and fraught with hot-button issues as Johnna Adams' "Gidion's Knot"... Nor half as much nuanced drama as director Jon Tracy and actors Stacy Ross and Jamie J. Jones deliver.”

-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle


“Insightfully directed by Jon Tracy in its regional premiere at Berkeley's Aurora Theatre, "Gidion's Knot" is a one-act debate play, a taut 80-minute mystery that keeps us guessing about where to lay blame when children go astray.”

-Karen D'Souza, Bay Area News Group


“Gidion’s Knot is a hell of a tangle, and it’s somehow more than a play. It’s an extraordinary experience.”

-Chad Jones, Theater Dogs



Jamie J. Jones / Corryn

Stacy Ross / Heather


Creative Team

Nina Ball / Scenic

Michael Palumbo / Light

Cliff Caruthers/ Sound

Antonia Gunnarson / Costume

Dave Maier / Fight

Angela Nostrand / Stage Management