Colossal / by Andrew Hinderaker

San Francisco Playhouse / 2016

Direction by Jon Tracy

"Jon Tracy has done a stunning job of giving his ensemble an opportunity to use the languages of football and modern dance as parallel means of expression."

- George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape


"Director Jon Tracy has insured Colossal is packed with boldness of action worthy of the gridiron while also infusing the intense reflection and deep sensitivity of a solo dancer."

- Eddy Reynolds, Theatre Eddys



VMedia, Best of 2016



Ed Berkeley / Player #3

Brian Conway / Player # 5

Thomas Gorrebeeck / Young Mike

Alex Hersler / Lead Drummer

Jacob Hsieh / Player #

Andrew Humann / Drummer

Brandon Leland / Player #2

Dave Maier / Coach

Cameron Matthews / Marcus

Robert Parsons / Damon

Xander Ritchey / Player #1

Travis Santwell Rowland / Player #6

Zach Smith / Drummer

Jason Stojanovski / Mike

Wiley Naman Strasser / Jerry


Creative Team

Anthony Aranda / Marching Consultant

Bill English / Scenic

Tatiana Genser / Stage Management

Alex Hersler / Percussion Orchestrator

Teddy Hulsker / Sound and Video

Brooke Jennings / Costume

Kurt Landisman / Light

Dave Maier / Fight

Keith Pinto / Choreographer

Jacqueline Scott / Properties

Wiley Naman Strasser / Asst. Choreographer