Bonnie & Clyde / by Adam Peck

Shotgun Players / 2013

Direction by Mark Jackson

Light by Jon Tracy

"Gorgeous... The design team, including Robert Broadfoot (set), Ashley Rogers (costumes), Micha Stieglitz (projections), Matt Stines (sound) and Jon Tracy (lights) do stunning work here, creating one ravishing stage picture after another as the traditional play in which Bonnie and Clyde fret and fight is interrupted by compelling moments of fantasy and dance and foreboding." 

- Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs 

"...the spectacular lighting, projections and sound designs of Jon Tracy, Micah Stieglitz and Matt Stines, respectively, works to create a live-action art installation."

- Michelle Lin, Daily Californian


Joe Estlack / Clyde Barrow

Megan Trout / Bonnie Parker


Creative Team

Robert Broadfoot / Scenic

Kimberly Dooley / Choreographer

Caela Fujii / Properties

Micah Stieglitz / Video 

Matt Stines / Sound

Hanah Zahner-Isenberg / Stage Manager