Any Given Day / by Linda McLean

Magic Theatre / 2012

Direction by Jon Tracy

"Director Jon Tracy's skillfully staged and sumptuously performed American a special occasion for lovers of strikingly original character-driven theater.

But what's most striking about Any Given Day is the way its rich blend of comedy and drama gets inside its characters, so that we're never laughing at but with these people. The result is a play you may find hard to forget." 

– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"Two slyly interlocking one-acts pop together like puzzle pieces…in this affecting post-modern tragicomedy, cleverly directed by Jon Tracy. McLean's drama is set in rain-soaked Glasgow but the ideas she explores with such brutal candor are universal."

– Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News



San Francisco Chronicle, Best of 2012

Theatre Dogs, Best of 2012


James Carpenter / Dave

Amy Kossow / Sadie

Christopher McHale / Bill

Daniel Petzold / Boy

Stacy Ross / Jackie


Creative Team

Christine Crook / Costume

Sara Huddleston / Sound

York Kennedy / Light

Michael Locher / Scenic

Dave Maier / Fight

Angela Nostrand / Properties

Deb Sussel / Dialect